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Update Monday, September 20th 2004 :
  AdmIRC 0.4.4 released.
  - Fixed some Bugs.
  - Now works with UnrealIRCD 3.2.1, Anope 1.7.5 and Webmin 1.160

Update Wednesday, April 14th 2004 :
  AdmIRC 0.4.3 released.
  - Added notices in the 'Install Guide'.
  - Other minor bugs.
  - tested with UnrealIRCD3.2-RC2fix and Anope 1.6.0 Webmin 1.140

Update Wednesday, February 18th 2004 :
  AdmIRC 0.4.2 released.

  - execution of the binary not the script
  - Anope/Epona/Unreal: removed 30 character limit in the input field
  - better recognision of anope/epona installation
  - install and use guide
  - bug in creating oper and editing oper snomask and flags
  - link to services improved
  - load and include methods improved
  - starting methods improved
  - tested with UnrealIRCD3.2-beta19 and Anope 1.5.13 Webmin 1.100

Update Friday, August 1st 2003 :
  Newsbot v2.4 released.
  This is a newsbot for irc chat network
  with a lot of nice features.

Update Sunday, July 25th 2003 :
  Admirc 0.4.1 released.
  Module is in pre-stable state.
  I am looking for Unreal/Anope/Epona admins
  who'd like to test the module and write me a bugreport
  if you are interested write a mail to
  samnix at users.sourceforge.net.

Update Sunday, July 23rd 2003 :
  Admirc 0.2.1 released.
  New features: Help funktion for all directives.
  and of course some bugfixes.

Update Sunday, July 20th 2003 :
  Admirc 0.1.5 released.
  New features: Security: Create and run the ircd and
  services as unprivileged users.
  Minor bugfixes.

Update Sunday, July 13th 2003 :
  Admirc released.
  New features: Support for Anope and Epona Services,
  and a lot of bugfixes.
  New version of the Tv Programm released,
  mainly fixed some bugs.

Update Saturday, June 21st 2003 :
  Admirc alpha 3 released.
  New Features: configure network options, link to
  other networks.

Update Friday, June 6th 2003 :
  Admirc alpha 2 released.
  New Features: start/stop/restart server, edit
  config, motd and log files.

Update Wednesday, June 4th 2003 :
  The first AdmIRC - Irc Server Administration tool
  for webmin addet. You can configure a lot of options   of your Unreal ircd 3.2 server.

Update Tuesday, May 20th 2003 :
  More modifikations for the tv programm perl script
  has been added and also some screenshots.

Update Friday, May 9th 2003 :
  First Perl script added, it is a tv programm tool
  for german television.

Update Sunday, April 27th 2003 :
  Screenshots to each of the three java tools added.

Update Friday, April 25th 2003 :
  Now the java tools are ready to download.

Update Thursday, April 24th 2003 :
  Now the site is hosted on sourceforge and
  an additional project has been stared. This project
  will be an irc server webmin module.

Update Tuesday, April 1st 2003 :
  After a long break i have made some corrections.

Online/Update Thursday, Mai 9th 2002 :
  Page is up and running.