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Perl is a language.
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AdmIRC - irc server administration

Current version: 0.4.4

MD5 Checksums

Screenshot AdmIRC main

Screenshot UnrealIRCD menu

Screenshot Epona menu

This is a webmin module for irc server administration.
Currently the Unreal IRCD 3.2 is supported only.
Easy install through the webmin own module install system
-> Webmin/Webmin Configuration/Webmin Modules.

- Configure main options like me block/m:line
- Misc options like vhost, bans: you can add, remove and edit vhosts and bans
- Server Operator configuration: add, remove and edit as many ops as you like
- Start/Stop/Restart the server by clicking on abutton
- Edit motd files and create/edit/delete log files
- Configure Network Options - link to other networks through a webinterface
- Support for Anope and Enpona Services.
- Security: Create and run the ircd and services as unprivileged users.
- Help for each menu, excellend for new users.
- Build in install instructions.

Newsbot for IRC

Screenshot newsbot

MD5 checksum of newsbot-v2.4.tar.gz :
f2 04 88 96 0f c8 52 dd 40 3b b5 32 c0 2a 1a f1

This is a newsbot for IRC. Written in perl and tested with UnrealIRCD all versions.


- 23 newssites
NEWS: Heise-news / Telepolis / Golem / Feldpolitik / Spiegel / Tagesschau / Distrowatch / Movie-list / Bugtraq / Slashdot / Developers / TheRegister / N24 / Wired / Kuro5hin / Independent / WashingtonPost / TAZ / NewScientist / MTV / Punknews / Entwickler / LinuxSecurity

- NewsSubscribtion funktion: the user can recive the news through privat messages.

- 9 services
SERVICES: Tv-Programm / Google / Domaincheck / Lyricssearch / Leo-Dictionary / Kino Top 10 / New at Cinema / imdb Movie Search / rpm Search

- Channel Help menu for subscribtion and services.

- Adminmenu (join, part, msg and a lot more)

TV Programm ( CGI-IRC-Console-Scripts )

Online Demo cgi-script

Screenshot X-Chat-script

Screenshot mIRC-script

Screenshot console-script

MD5 checksum of tvprogramm-1.1.tar.gz :
f7 26 50 d9 0e 28 6a f4 74 80 02 98 12 43 ba 5a

These are scripts which check the german tv programm of some main private tv stations of german television. You can download the scripts and use the cgi script on your webpage the console script on your console or the irc script on any irc netowrk. Please read the instructions in the "how-to-use" textfile.
Thx to cy for the idea and main code strukture.

CGI-Script: your hoster must allow sockets, because the script connects to!


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